Wearable, rugged and washable radiation detector at CBRNe Convergence 2019 in Nashville 5-7 November
Oct 30, 2019

Sensinite Ltd, a Finland-based technology company, has developed a new radation detector concept. Combination of scintillators with polymers form a composite sensor material that yields products with previously unseen resistance against any use conditions combined with superior detection performance.

The detector is not sensitive to temperature changes, water, dust, chemicals, vibration or shocks. This enables new applications by allowing detectors to be used in places and conditions that were earlier not considered feasible.

An exciting new product application is the range of wearable detectors. The detector can be embedded or integrated into uniforms and protective equipment allowing normal washing and cleaning of the garment and still maintaining expected detection performance.

Visit Sensinite at stand 139 of the CBRNe Convergence in Nashville on Nov 5-7.