How to convert a rugged tablet into a gamma radiation detector
Jun 24, 2019

Sensinite has developed the first ever gamma radiation detector integrated with a rugged tablet to help safety and security personnel within both civilian and military sectors to detect gamma radiation under a large variety of environmental conditions.

The Algiz 8X is a rugged tablet manufactured by the Handheld Finland which can be transformed into a portable radiation detector by mounting a gamma radiation detector accessory developed by Sensinite on to the back of the tablet. It is designed as a rugged handheld detector which can be carried in your hands, in a carry case or vehicle mounted. The purpose of this combined device is to counter radiological and nuclear threats. This is the first ever radiation detector which has been integrated into a rugged tablet for ease of use. The focus area for this product is large from security forces, military, nuclear power plants, scrap metal processing, container handling and other logistic area where radiation detector might be needed.

Sensinite’s gamma radiation detector integrated with a rugged tablet from Handheld Finland

The Sensinite detector is only 210 g and analyses dose rate, count rate, running average and give a graph of the operational data. The handheld Algiz 8x has a Windows 10 operating system, an 8-inch touch-screen and a weight of 990 g including the battery. The integrated radiation detector weighs 1.2 kg altogether.

The rugged tablet detector fulfills the detection performance criteria from the IEC62401 standard which states the expected performance of Personal Radiation Detectors.

Jani Karlsson, Sensinite’s CEO explained that “This integrated rugged tablet radiation detector is the first of it’s kind, we are very excited about the potential of the development for improving the safety of personnel who may come into contact with sources of radiation.”