Electromagnetic sensing
Detecting and measuring all radioactive materials with an independent and intelligent sensor module

Electromagnetic sensing

Sensinite technology can detect and measure ionizing radiation from high energy ultra violet to gamma and neutron radiation in addition to charged particles with an independent, ready to use and intelligent sensor module

How does it work?

  1. Radiation source emits ionizing radiation. The radiation can be any of of a mix of gamma, x-ray, neutron, alpha or beta radiation.
  2. The radiation encounters the SEM.
  3.  The SEM converts the radiation to photons.
  4. Readout and preprocessing component reads and converts the signal to a digital format.
  5. The signal is transferred to the processing board for analysis.
  6. The resulting data of the analysis is transferred to a client device via chosen bus.

Customer benefits

  • No need for several detector types – one sensor platform for all radiation types
  • Can be uses in rugged environments – shock and vibration resistant
  • Make is large or small – scalable area
  • Use it in humid and moist environments – non-hygroscopic
  • No danger of electric shocks – no need for high voltage
  • Can be used with batteries only – low power consumption