Medical transimaging
Forming of images of internal structures of oragnic matter digitally and real time

Medical transimaging

Medical transimaging mode allows you to form images of internal structures of organic matter, large or small, on a level of detail previously unseen. This will be achieved by combining both digital x-ray and neutron detectors. This is also called medical radiography or medical CT-scanning.


How does it work?

  1. A radiation source emits radiation to an object of investigation
  2. The radiation encounters the object and some of it gets absorbed by the object
  3. The radiation not getting absorbed will transit through the object
  4. The radiation encounters the SEM
  5. The radiation is converted to photons in location of incident
  6. The readout and preprocessing component reads the photons and adds the location information of each incident
  7. The signal is changed to a digital format
  8. The processing board creates an image
  9. The image is transferred to a client device via chosen bus.

Customer benefits

  • More accurate images of organic matter by using neutrons
  • Images with even more detail by using both neutrons and x-rays
  • No need for several digital detector types, only one platform for x-rays and neutrons
  • Can form large or small images due scalable imaging area
  • Scan or take a snapshot image choose a scanning strip or an imaging area


What can you do with this?

  • X-ray radiography machine
  • neutron radiography machine
  • X-ray + neutron radiography machine
  • X-ray computer tomography scanner
  • neutron computer tomography scanner
  • X-ray + neutron computer tomography scanner

For medical and research purposes.