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What is Sensed by Sensinite® technology?

Sensed by Sensinite® technology is a scalable platform technology for making intelligent and independently processing sensor modules for detecting and measuring radiation. The technology can be applied on wearable, handheld or machine integrated devices.

There are two types of modules whereas one is meant to perform electromagnetic sensing and another transimaging. Both of the modules have the following core components: SEM-element, electronics and software. The transimaging module also requires a source of radiation.

Sensor element – SEM

The proprietary sensor element, called SEM, is in the core of the functionalities of Sensed by Sensinite® technology. The element is made of special material and due the properties of it, it could be used in challenging environments and still maintaining its performance. Also, it is easily scalable from large to small and it is free of from form constraints.


The SEM is coupled with readout electronics. The electronics is proprietary to Sensinite allowing a scalable performance and as real-time data analysis. The data is transferred to an finished product by using data transfer mode customised for the purpose. It can be i.e. USB, CAN or any other bus.


The analysis is made either locally on the board or remotely. The analysis software is proprietary to Sensinite allowing customized solutions depending on the requirement of the application.

Source of radiation

In transimaging mode also a source of radiation is required. The type of radiation can be X-ray, gamma rays or neutrons.

What does it do?

There are two types of sensor modules: Radscanners and Transimagers.

The Radscanner is for passively sensing high energy electromagnetic radiation, neutrons and charged particles such as electrons. The Radscanner detects and measures alpha, beta, x-ray, gamma and neutron radiation and can also identify sources of the radiation.

The Transimager brings a new aspect to the sense of vision, especially of transimaging in an industrial and in a medical context. The Transimager sees through any material and can create images of the inner structure of any object but is exceptionally suitable for imaging of organic matter.

What can they be used for?


Radscanner allows making of wearable, handheld and machine or vehicle integrated

  • survey meters
  • radiation detectors
  • dosimeters
  • radioisotope detectors
  • personnel monitoring portals
  • vehicle monitoring portals

It could be used in multiple industries such as:

  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • security and military
  • nuclear power plants
  • oil and mining
  • food irradiation
  • laboratory and scientific.



Sensinite Transimager will improve medical radiography of objects by using neutron rays alone or combined with x-rays when forming an image of an internal structure of an object. The resulting device could be:

  • an improved plain radiography device
  • CT-scanner for medical purposes.

Transimager could also be used to make radiography devices for industrial or security scanning purposes such as

  • non destructive testing for welding integrity
  • baggage and cargo scanner for security purposes.




“Our technology will give us improved capabilities and accelerate the evolution of how we see the world.”