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Our job is to make a safer world

Company behind the technology

Sensinite is an advanced sensor technology company located in Finland. We bring added value into radiation detection, source identity and imaging.

We strive for technology development based on scientific innovations. Our patented component and module development focuses on solving radiation detection questions in areas where the previous technology generations have failed to yield working solutions. Our technology will bring us all improved capabilities and will accelerate the evolution of how we see the world.

Our innovation platform

All known material is made of different mix of atoms and subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons. Our sensor technology gets into the core of all matter.

Our connections to Universities and the nuclear research made at CERN provide us access to the cutting edge scientific research.

The innovations designed to detect subatomic particles have inspired our technology development.

We are not only expanding the sensory capabilities. We are also expanding our comprehension of the reality.

Our Policies

Integrated Approach to Corporate Responsibility

We are dedicated to transparency with our customers and investors. Our personnel is committed to high standards in business ethics, devoted to helping people and customers finding solutions for a safer world.

Our values define who we are and how we act, both as a company and employees, committed to caring for our people and the planet in all aspects of our business.





Wolffintie 36 F2
FI-65200 Vaasa