Our job is to make a better world. We design technology that is based on solid science.

Company behind the technology

Sensinite is advanced sensor technology company for material detection, measurement and imaging located in Finland.

We believe evolution must be accelerated in order to gain healthier and safer world and sustainable way of life. The acceleration can only be done with advanced technology based on solid science.

Our technology will give us all improved capabilities and will accelerate the evolution of how we see the world.


Our innovation platform

All known material is made of different mix of atoms and subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons. Our sensor technology gets into the core of all matter.

The innovations are inspired by the science made at European Universities and at CERN where top scientists of the world are solving the mysteries of the universe.

The innovations designed to detect subatomic particles have inspired our technology development.

We are not only expanding our sensory capabilities. We are also expanding our comprehension of reality.